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Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

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Foto Konser Hot Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica is one of the most popular artis in Indonesia. Foto hot profil Agnes Monica Konser can be found everywhere. Agnes Monica started her career in the age of 6 as a host of a children TV show and as a singer. At the age of 12, she entered acting world. "Lupus Milenia" was her first series. Although not too successful, the series led her the series that was surely a big hit in Indonesia (and later on Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei), "Pernikahan Dini" (2001). With her playing a role of a teenager that has to marry after getting pregnant, the series had won many prestigious awards in Indonesia, including Best Newcomer and Best Actress in a Drama Series for Agnes. Since then she has acted in numerous series as the leading roles.


Full Name : Agnes Monica
Birth Place, Date : Jakarta, July 1st 1986
Home Address : Jalan Pluit Sakti V no. 30 Jakarta
Hobby : Ice-skating, piano, drum, etc.
School : Pelita Harapan High School
Parents : Ricky Muljotoa and Jenny Siswono
Favourite Colour : yellow, blue, and black
Star Sign : Cancer
Films : Lupus Millenia, Mister Hologram, Pernikahan Dini
Achievements : Panasonic Award
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